A fit and healthy lifestyle ~ it is achievable to everyone
who stays positive and active. If you wish to make a change, you can!

Hi! I'm Marjo,

Since my competitive career in Ms. Olympia contests in 1980s I have resided on the island of Maui. I continue to train hard, and I feel good ! As I approach my 50th birthday this year I have become even more determined to reach out to other women who want to get and stay in good shape.

I operate my own personal training studio on Maui, close to Wailea Beach and a short walk from many resorts and vacation condos.

I love to teach weight-training, pilates, stretching and Spinning® indoor cycling… plus, sharing a walk or a run by the ocean on Maui is magical! My passion and goal is to provide true and sound guidance in nutrition and fitness to my clients...

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Maui Fitness Vacations

Visit me in Wailea for a Maui fitness vacation! I would love to train you and help you achieve your own goals in health, fitness and wellness.

I am on Maui and ready to teach you what to do. Whether you come by yourself or as a small group to visit the island, for just few days or for a longer fitness vacation, I can make personalized workout plans for you in my studio…and, we can go and do some beach fitness, too!

Please contact me, and we can create your own personal fitness vacation on Maui, Hawaii. I promise, you'll get stronger, leaner, more confident, and you’ll do better in other sports and activities you love to do!

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