About Marjo Selin


Over the past 30 years, Marjo Selin has worn many hats: world champion, professional model, journalist, product spokesperson and of course, business partner and senior trainer here at REP Training Center on Maui. She is currently available for private training sessions, product promotions and select events.


The Champion

Internationally recognized personality Marjo Selin has acquired numerous titles including the National Championship in her native Finland and the European Championship. She won the bronze medal at the Women's Pro World Championship in Nice, France, and competed in 8 consecutive Ms. Olympia contests between 1981 to 1989. Marjo placed in the Top Six Finalists in 1987 & 1988 in this most prestigious event for women bodybuilders.


The Model / Spokesperson

Marjo has modeled for Sharper Image, Muscle, and Fitness Magazine, Shape, Elle and countless other fitness and women's publications worldwide. For many years, she authored a popular work-out column for MuscleMag International called “Repping with Marjo”. She has been spokesperson and a host for Cannes Film Festival, ESPN, Grand Wailea Resort and Spa on Maui, and many major American and European corporations.

Marjo's Midwest Steel Ad Campaign, launched during the summer of 1987, generated perhaps as much controversy as it did new business, with articles discussing the comparison of bikini-clad women to hardened industrial steel — for those of us who know Marjo, it's not that far of a stretch! We've managed to dig up and scan a couple of the related articles and ads, including one from the Wall Street Journal, and another from Star Magazine.


Business Woman

Marjo retired from competition in 1989, and she and Hannu made Maui, Hawaii their home. in 1995 Marjo produced her lifestyle & exercise video "Savage Grace Workout".

She and Hannu organized the "Muscle Classic Maui" bodybuilding championships for three years. They also invited top fitness competitors and international media for a "Hawaii SuperFitness" event which received coverage in Entertainment Tonight and ESPN.

The pair worked together at Maui's luxurious Grand Wailea Resort, Hotel & Spa, where they trained with such well-known personalities as Sharon Stone, Geena Davis, Donatella Versace, Michael J. Fox, DB Sweeney, Kathy Lee Crosby, Courtney Cox, Halle Berry, movie producers Larry Gordon and Don Simpson and music stars Niki Sixx, Paul Stanley and David Murray.

Eventually, the two decided to open up REPS in order to provide exclusive training sessions also to Maui residents. The small 600sq.ft studio soon became known for its privacy, impeccable service, and for Marjo's and Hannu's expertise in training. In 2000 Marjo fell in love with Johnny G. Spinning program; she started the first private spinning studio as an expansion to REPS. Today REPS is at the new Wailea Town Center, and the 2,300 sq.ft. facility features pilates and yoga instruction, too.

Marjo and Hannu contribute with passion and help others to improve their health and well-being. They work with clients one-on-one by appointment at REPS as well as off-site for those who have special needs. They also contract to group and travel programs, and they can design residential and commercial fitness equipment plans.

They continue to support the community around them giving to local charitable organizations and participating in special cause fundraisers and events.


Personal Trainer

Marjo Selin is available for private training sessions with Maui residents and island visitors.

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