Personal Training

Maui Fitness Vacations

Maybe you've worked hard to get yourself into shape and you are concerned that a visit to Maui will "undo" all your hard work. You don't have to let your commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle slide just because you're enjoying a Maui vacation.

Stay FIT, stay HAPPY reach the TOP OF YOUR GAME.

I am on Maui and ready to teach you what to do. Whether you come by yourself or as a small group to visit the island, for just few days or for a longer fitness vacation, I can make personalized workout plans for you in my studio… We can do some beach fitness, too!


As a former athlete training is a way of life for me. I love training with Marjo because she understands my competitive nature and will push me hard, yet she’s knowledgeable about my old injuries and health issues, and keeps me safe. It’s the perfect combination. She’s also great at mixing up the workouts to keep me challenged, incorporating traditional weight training with Pilates and other core strengthening exercises. …Marjo worked with me throughout my cancer treatment, designing the workouts to match my level of energy from day to day. I’m convinced that training with her helped me tolerate the chemo better than most…. If I’m going to be in the gym every day I want it to be fun. I look forward to training with Marjo!”

Tamar Chotzen


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